Journalist, Line Producer & Filmmaker based in Japan


Writing Writing in German and English for
print, online and corporate publishing media

Freelance journalist based in Japan. Reporting on current affairs, politics, social issues, natural disasters, and culture in East Asia and Oceania. Editor-in-chief of Japan business magazine. Overnight newsdesk editor and newsletter writer for news media in Europe. Japan & Tokyo guidebook author.

Producing Documentary filmmaker and line producer for
TV and film productions in Japan

Unearthing compelling visual stories. Amplifying voices. Advising on contents and intercultural differences. Finding protagonists and locations. Liaising with local partners. Organizing schedules and logistics. Getting permissions. Interpreting and interviews. Problem-solving on all fronts.

Connecting Adviser, speaker and content creator

Building bridges and mediating between cultures. Inbound tourism and travel adviser. Japan observer and commentator. Public speaker and event moderator. Sharing passion for live music with international concert travel blog.

般若 (Hannya mask)