Journalist, Line Producer & Filmmaker based in Japan
"Terra X" shoot in Rebun © Uli Kunz
"Terra X" shoot in Rebun © Uli Kunz

ZDF flagship show – „Terra X:
Fascination water“

Preparations had started one year prior to filming, and in July 2023 the time had come – a team from German production company Gruppe 5 traveled through Japan for three weeks with marine biologist Uli Kunz and myself to get to the bottom of the issue of sustainability in fishing.

German marine biologist Uli Kunz is often underwater for the ZDF documentary series “Terra X: The Fascination of Water” – whether in icy seas or in the tropics. Diving also played a major role during our Japan shoot for part of a new episode for the ZDF flagship program. Providing the necessary equipment on Japan’s northernmost island, Rebun, was no easy task. The preparation time of the almost three-week shoot just for me as line producer was four weeks spread over the course of one year.

At the beginning of May, I traveled to Rebun for a short visit to do some location scouting, but also to clear various hurdles and make further contacts. Without this preliminary visit, the shoot in July would certainly have gone differently. In the end, we were incredibly lucky that the fishing cooperative in the northern part of the island was very cooperative and helped us out with protagonists and boats.

The shoot in Rebun was one of the highlights of the trip for the whole team, but filming in Wakayama at Kindai University, at the fish market in Shiogama and with a „hoya“ fisherman on the Oshika Peninsula was also a great experience.

The episode is currently scheduled to be broadcast in August 2024. More information about the program and other episodes from the documentary series: